Essential Oils Drip from Tacos Pillow

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Taco ‘Bout Comfort: The Essential Oils Drip from Tacos Pillow

Get ready to guac your world with the ‘Essential Oils Drip from Tacos’ Pillow! This isn’t just a pillow; it’s a fiesta for your sofa! Perfect for those who believe that laughter is the best seasoning, this pillow adds a generous pinch of humor to any room. Imagine a pillow so fun, even your couch will crack a smile. Made with 100% polyester, it’s as durable as a taco on Taco Tuesday and as comfortable as a siesta. Featuring a zesty double-sided taco meme print, it’s the perfect blend of quirky and comfy. The concealed zipper is smoother than a well-blended salsa, keeping everything looking sleek. Whether you’re propping up for a movie marathon or need a cushion to soften the blow of that spicy taco, this pillow’s got your back. And remember, in our book, ‘essential oils’ are what you get when you squeeze a taco – nutritionists, back us up here! Note: Like the best tacos, each pillow is unique, with a size variance of +/- 0.5 inches. So, let’s taco ’bout adding some fun to your decor!

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.: 100% Polyester cover .: 100% Polyester pillow included .: Double sided print .: Concealed zipper .: Note: Pre-constructed item. .: Size variance +/- 0.5″

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1 review for Essential Oils Drip from Tacos Pillow

  1. Carol w Davault

    This pillow is my new favorite accessory. The meme print on both sides of the pillow cover is both funny and appealing.

    Not only that, but the pillow is comfortable to rest my head on. I recommend it to anyone who loves a good laugh and a cozy place to rest.

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